Monday, January 8, 2018

Homework and Testing

Homework for the week will include worksheets on adjectives, studying two and three column notes in ELA and Social Studies. Students will have a quiz on irregular verbs Tuesday. They have notes on this in their ELA notebook from last week. We will also be completing a Text Dependent Analysis this week in class. This is a close read of a passage and then students will answer questions and write a short essay about the text they read. This will be a graded assignment. Students will also be tested on adjectives Friday.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Wednesday ELA: Read for 20 minutes, complete worksheet on irregular verbs SS: Study notes and use google classroom to refresh learning, complete worksheet (read and underline only) Thursday ELA: Read for 20 minutes, complete worksheet on irregular verbs SS: Study notes and use google classroom to refresh learning, complete worksheet (answer questions) Friday Students will test on irregular verbs and reading comprehension

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!!!

Killian Family, I pray everyone enjoyed the much needed break enjoying family and friends capturing each moment to share as time goes on. I am excited to return back to school and can't wait to hear what students did during their winter holiday. As you know, school is still in session. Students are expected to return with supplies ready to work and get right into the business of why we are here. I encourage students to get a good night's rest and be prepared to pick up where we left off. Expectations for behavior and academics have not changed as I am sure students are aware of. Please keep new toys and expensive electronics home to prevent any items being lost or stolen. I look forward to seeing everyone!!! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter Celebration

Parents, Thursday is our Winter Celebration. We will have food and exchange gifts among peers within our homeroom class. Girls will be paired with girls and boys will be paired with boys for the gift exchange. We will begin at 1:45pm. Thank you to all that have contributed already. Students are super excited for the Winter Holiday and so are the teachers! LOL We still need students to remain focused and on task. Please make sure your child is aware that participation depends on their choices. Thank you!


Monday-Students will complete quizzizz and quizlet for homework Tuesday- Students will study SS and ELA notes Wednesday-Study SS and ELA notes Thursday- Study SS and ELA notes Friday- Test in SS and ELA

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Parents, we have to cancel the movie today. The showing starts at 12:30 today. I must not have had the correct date checked when I looked at the times. I do apologize! We will have to reschedule.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break! We are ready to jump back into the swing of things Homework Monday-Thursday: Students will work on Unit Project for Social Studies Tuesday: Unit Test! Please use Google Classroom to study and help prepare for this test.

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