Monday, October 16, 2017

Field Study to Myrtle Beach

Hello Families, Below is some information that we hope you will find helpful as we prepare for the field study to Myrtle Beach, SC. -All students must be dropped off at the KES Multipurpose room entrance at 6:00 am on Tuesday morning (no buses will be available to bring students to school) -All students must be picked up from the KES Front/Main entrance at 6:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. No buses will be available to take students home. -Students are not permitted to bring anything that is normally forbidden at school (this includes, but is not limited to toys such as DS, DSI, tablets, etc.) -Students are permitted to bring a book bag to keep their items together on the bus (camera, jacket for the bus, money for shopping (if time permits), and books to read on the bus. -Make sure your child eats breakfast or brings prior to arriving at school at 6:00 am -Make sure your child wears tennis shoes and/or comfortable shoes, weather appropriate clothing, as we will be doing a lot of walking (no flip flops!) I am requesting that cell phones be given to me upon arrival at school to prevent them getting lost or stolen while on the trip. I will keep them on me the entire trip to ensure students will have their cell phones to call you prior to our arrival at school.

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